Date et Lieu

Jeudi 15 Mars 2018 — LIX, Ecole Polytechnique, Palaiseau

Salle: Grace Hopper


9h00 – Accueil Café

9h30 – Eric Goubault

Inner and Outer Approximating Flowpipes for Delay Differential Equations


Delay differential equations are fundamental for modeling networked control systems where the underlying network induces delay for retrieving values from sensors or delivering orders to actuators
They are notoriously difficult to integrate as these are actually functional equations, the initial state being a function.
We propose a scheme to compute inner and outer-approximating flowpipes for such equations with uncertain initial states and parameters.
Inner-approximating flowpipes are guaranteed to contain only reachable states, while outer-approximating flowpipes enclose all reachable states. We also introduce a notion of robust inner-approximation, which we believe opens promising perspectives for verification, beyond property falsification.
The efficiency of our approach relies on the combination of Taylor models in time, with an abstraction or parameterization in space based on affine forms, or zonotopes.
It also relies on an extension of the mean-value theorem, which allows us to deduce inner-approximating flowpipes, from flowpipes outer-approximating the solution of the DDE and its Jacobian with respect to constant but uncertain parameters and initial conditions.


10h30 – Uli Fahrenberg

Distributed Computing by Oblivious Mobile Robots


I’ll try to give an overview about the new and exciting field of distributed robotics.
More precisely the question is: What can I do with a bunch of cheap and stupid mobile robots (depending on the definition of “cheap and stupid”)?
Disclaimer: This is not precisely my research area; it’s just something I find exciting.

11h30 – Didier Henrion (LAAS-CNRS, Univ Toulouse, FR and Czech Tech Univ Prague, CZ)

Performance guarantees with the Lasserre hierarchy for polynomial optimal control


We consider non-linear optimal control problems with polynomial data (Lagrangian, vector field, state and control constraints). We explain how the Lasserre hierarchy (also known as the moment-sums-of-squares or LMI relaxation hierarchy) can be used to generate guaranteed bounds on the value function (i.e. on the best achievable performance) with uniform convergence guarantees where the relaxation order tends to infinity. The talk is a tutorial introduction to optimal control and the Lasserre hierarchy, with a sketch of the main ideas. For more details, see here.

12h30 – Repas

14h00 – Café

14h30 – Damien Massé

From paths to traces: advantages and drawbacks of Eulerian discretization


Eulerian discretization can be used to compute inner and outer approximations of invariant sets and viability kernels for differential inclusions.
This approach, developed by Thomas Le Mezo and Luc Jaulin, relies on the connection between continuous paths (as solutions of differential inclusions) and discrete traces (which enable to use program analysis techniques).
In this talk, I explore the advantages and limits of this connection, and the possibility of getting unsound results. Finally, I discuss the opportunity to adapt recent fixpoint-computation techniques for this approach.


15h30 – Luc Jaulin

Kleene algebra to compute with invariant sets of dynamical systems


Consider sets X1,…,Xm of invariant sets associated to a continuous-time dynamical system. We want to compute an approximation of a set X defined as an expression of the Xi’s and linked by the operators union, intersection, complementation. It will be shown that the problem can be formalized in a Kleene algebra the elements of which are set-valued functions. This formalization could help us to build efficient and simple algorithms to compute with invariant sets.


16h30 – Thomas Le Mézo

Application of invariant set approach to control law validation


17h30 – Discussion

Social Event

Mardi 14 Mars 2018 — 19h30 — Restaurant L’entrepôt, Paris 14


  • Olivier Mullier
  • Sylvie Putot
  • Benjamin Martin
  • David Filliat
  • Luc Jaulin
  • Eric Goubault
  • Damien Massé
  • Uli Fahrenberg
  • Adina Panchea
  • Thibault Toralba
  • Didier Henrion

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